Mitre saws are ideally suited for exact sawing and cutting workpieces made of wood and plastic. Precise horizontal and vertical mitre cuts are also made easy. Thanks to the cross-cut mitre saw with pull, you can even cut particularly wide workpieces in no time at all. Discover the variety of Einhell mitre saws. You are guaranteed to find the right device for your project here!

The different mitre saws from Einhell and their advantages

Cross-cut mitre saws

The cross-cut mitre saw has a turntable with precise angle setting. This means that it provides additional comfort when cutting wooden materials, coated panels and plastic, as well as when making bevel and straight angular cuts. The hard metal saw blade provides the perfect cut. Depending on the model, the saw head can be tilted up to 45° to the left and up to 45° to the right to cut common angles.

Easy-to-read angle scales enable precise bevel and mitre cuts. With some cross-cut mitre saws, a laser is integrated into the device for even better cutting results. There is also a model with an upper table available. A transverse and parallel stop is provided with these devices. You can steplessly set the saw table for circular table sawing. The supports on both sides of the saw table ensure maximum fixation of the workpiece.

Cordless mitre saws

Thanks to the cable-free Power X-Change system, you can use the cordless saw flexibly and with an unlimited radius of action in the workshop, garage and basement. Wherever you are, with the battery-powered mitre saw you can easily saw angles in materials such as wooden mouldings, panels and parquet. Thanks to the clamping device, your workpiece can be securely fixed and the angle adjustment on the rotary table ensures that you can effortlessly achieve clean bevel cuts. Want to make series cuts? This is also simple thanks to the end stop. The hard metal saw blade specially designed for our cordless saws guides your cuts precisely through the materials.

Thanks to the left-tiltable saw head, you can perform particularly precise mitre cuts. Our X-Tend workpiece supports allow you to change functions without tools with one hand while holding the workpiece with the other. Useful integrated features such as a cutting line laser and the LED light make it possible to work quickly and accurately. To make sure your surrounding stay clean, the saw is fitted with a chip collection sack as standard.

Pull-cut mitre saws

The mitre saw with cross-cut and pull-cut function is ideally suited for horizontal and vertical angular cuts, as well as mitring work in wood, plastic and panels. Thanks to the integrated pull function, the saw has a broad cutting width for simple processing of large workpieces. For particularly precise mitre cuts, the saw head of the mitre saw with pull function even tilts up to 45° to the left and, in many devices, also to the right. Thanks to the precise angle setting of the turntable, bevel cuts are particularly simple. The high-quality, hard metal saw blade and the integrated cutting line laser in many models ensure the perfect cut.

The easy-to-read scale allows you to adjust the distance and angle exactly to the requirements of your project. All models are equipped with double-sided supports so that you can easily work on longer materials. Fixing is also possible here by means of the clamping device. You have a perfect view of your cutting thanks to the dust collection funnel or chip collection sack, which immediately remove dust and dirt during work.

Pull-cut mitre saws with battery

The cross-cut mitre saw with pull function is also available as a cordless version. Fitted with high-quality, efficient lithium-ion batteries, the mitre saw with pull function delivers maximum power. And thanks to the cordless Power X-Change system with the pull-cut mitre saw, you benefit from an unlimited radius of action for all your sawing projects.

You can also use the batteries from the Power X-Change family that you need for your cordless pull-cut mitre saw with all other system devices in the PXC range. Maximum power and maximum flexibility with Power X-Change from Einhell!

Mitre saws from Einhell are suitable for a whole host of DIY projects. Discover which saw is best for you and your projects. Einhell mitre saw guide

What to look out for when purchasing a mitre saw

Models sometimes vary significantly in terms of their functions and their areas of application. In the following we show you what to look out for when purchasing a mitre saw:

Sufficient power input

Make sure that the saw has a high power output so that you benefit from a solid pull-through force even with thicker and bulkier workpieces and that the motor revolutions and cutting quality remain constant. With a high sawing capacity, you can also make a clean cut on harder and larger materials.

Maximum cutting width and pull function

Also make sure that your saw has a large cutting width. This also makes it possible to then be able to saw the material you're working with into two in a single cut. A large cutting width is particularly important when cutting parquet or laminate. If you want to make very large cuts, a cross-cut and pull-cut saw is recommended as it makes much wider cutting work possible in your workpiece than the mitre saw.

Rotatable saw disc and tiltable saw head

To make a horizontal mitre cut with the cross-cut saw, the saw disc must be able to rotate and the corresponding angles must be able to be set quickly and precisely. Also ensure that the saw head can be tilted and fixed at the angle of the saw disc. This will allow you to easily make vertical mitre cuts. Depending on the model, this is also possible horizontally.

High-quality saw blade

The saw blade is ultimately what determines the precision of the cut, so the quality of the saw blade also plays a decisive role here. When cutting the workpiece you should always use a hard metal saw blade. The cleanness of the cut also depends on the number of teeth in the saw blade: The more teeth the saw blade has, the more precise the cut and the fewer tears.