Whether sharpening knives and tools or polishing metal – with a bench grinder from Einhell, you have the perfect stationary machine in your workshop that can cope with all these tasks. A bench grinder operates with two disc-shaped grinding stones of different grain sizes. A wet-dry grinder or a wet grinder is especially suitable for grinding scissors, knives and blades. A wet grinder has a wet grinding disc and a leather grinding disc for removing grinding burrs.

The different bench grinders from Einhell

Bench grinders

The bench grinder is an essential tool in many DIYers' workshops. A bench grinder is distinguished by its two ball-bearing grinding discs on the right and left, which are driven by a motor. Usually, both grinding discs have a different grain size for coarse and fine grinding. For example, the bench grinder can be used to optimally sharpen bars, cutting blades, drills, milling cutters and chisels, but the device is also suitable for rust removal, deburring, grinding and polishing of various workpieces. Thanks to adjustable work rests and spark protection glasses, it is not only possible to work precisely, but also safely.

Wet-dry grinders

The wet-dry grinder is the grinding machine of choice if you want to grind, but also remove grinding burrs. With a coarse grinding disc for dry grinding and a fine grinding disc for wet grinding, the device is the perfect combination of wet and dry grinders. The coarse-grained dry grinding disc can be used to carry out coarse grinding and shape corrections. The fine-grained wet grinding disc, which runs through a water bath, cools the workpiece during grinding. This prevents annealing of the workpiece and ensures that the blades are sharp.

Wet grinders

Razor-sharp blades are one of the easiest tasks for the wet grinder. The fine-grained wet grinding disc is used to sharpen various blades. The grinding disc runs through a water bath, which cools the workpiece, minimises frictional heat and prevents annealing of the workpiece. The leather pull-off wheel is provided for detailed work, i.e. the removal of grinding burrs. Sharp scissors, knives and other blades? That is the forte of the wet grinding machine.

Our bench grinders are the perfect addition for any keen DIYer. You can find out why and which features and functions you should look out for when making a purchase here. Einhell bench grinder advisor

What to look out for when purchasing a bench grinder

Whether wet grinders, dry grinders or wet-dry grinders – all our bench grinders are equipped with functions that will be useful when sharpening and grinding your workpieces. We have summarised what makes a good grinding machine and what factors you should pay attention to when selecting your device.

Performance and stability

For optimal results, a bench grinder should provide enough power for a constant, high speed. Depending on the model, our bench grinders have a power of between 120 and 400 watts. An extra-strong induction motor ensures not only performance and power during work but also the longevity of the machine. Bench grinders are semi-stationary grinding machines that should be as stable as possible. A high weight and a robust design, as well as rubber feet for low-vibration are very convenient. The concentricity is also important, as this allows the device to be stable and the discs to run evenly, which ultimately enables very precise grinding and sharpening work.

Features for optimal results

Our bench grinders are equipped with adjustable and removable workpiece supports so that your workpiece always rests against the grinding disc at the right angle. This allows you to adapt the supports to the workpiece, as well as to how you can work most comfortably. The wet sander TC-WG 200 is equipped with an angle gauge, which can be helpful for simple and clear adjustment of the cutting angle. The bench grinder TC-XG 75 Kit has a speed electronics with which various grinding and polishing operations can be carried out in accordance with the application and material.

Safe and clean work

All our bench grinders, which are equipped with one or two dry grinding discs, are also supplied with removable and adjustable spark protection glasses. The glasses are designed to protect you from flying sparks while you work, so you can adjust them to fit your size and working position. So that you have the best view of your workpiece, an LED working light may also be useful. Our wet-dry and wet grinders are also equipped with a water tank that cools the grinding disc and protects it from overheating, as well as preventing the workpiece from becoming blunt.

Practical accessories

What's included in delivery varies depending on the model of the bench grinder. Our dry grinders and wet-dry grinders are usually supplied with a coarse grinding disc for shape corrections and a fine grinding disc. The wet grinder comes with a fine wet grinding disc and a leather stripping wheel for deburring and polishing workpieces. In addition, an angle gauge, universal support, universal device, stripping paste for polishing and a grinding stone for adjusting the grinding disc grain are included. The bench grinder TC-XG 75 Kit is supplied with a grinding and polishing disc, as well as a flexible shaft with an accessories set. The accessories set includes a polishing brush for removing rust.