Whether it's a rough sawing job or a delicate personal DIY project, with the band saws from Einhell you are well equipped for every task. The stationary and compact machine will fit into even the smallest of home workshops. Once securely placed, this saw will become an absolute staple for you as it makes straight and precise cuts, as well as cross-sections and circular cut-outs child's play. The saw blade is stabilised by the ball-bearing guides and the individually height-adjustable saw blade guard so that you can saw wood safely and with the right material and achieve a fine cut. Discover the perfect band perfect saw for your projects now!

The different band saws from Einhell

Band saws for large workpieces

Big plans? Then take a closer look at the Einhell band saw TC-SB 305 U! The large and stable work table with a clearance width of 305 mm enables you to saw even large wooden workpieces. The 750 Watt saw is equipped with a steplessly tiltable saw table that allows a maximum cutting height of 170 mm. You can also use it to make mitre cuts in no time at all. To work in the best way for the material, you can easily set two saw blade speeds on this band saw via the belt drive. This model includes an underframe and practical accessories such as push stick, parallel and angle stop. This allows you to start woodworking straight away.

Band saws for medium-sized workpieces

With a clearance width of 245 mm, the TC-SB 245 L band saw is the tool of choice when you want to process medium-sized wooden workpieces. The 400 Watt induction motor with an idle speed of 1,450 rpm is quiet in operation, long-lasting and requires little maintenance. Perfect gliding properties and a stable support are provided by the high-quality, aluminium main table. Pieces of wood up to a maximum cutting height of 101 mm can be easily cut to size with the band saw. An integrated LED light also ensures that the working environment is perfectly lit.

Band saws for smaller projects

Need a really compact band saw for smaller projects? Then we'd recommend the Einhell TC-SB 200/1 saw. With a clearance width of 200 mm and a maximum cutting height of 80 mm, you can work on even the smallest workpieces. The device is very stable thanks to is weight of over 17 kg. The 250 Watt machine achieves an idle speed of 1,400 rpm, making it the perfect base machine for any enthusiastic DIYer. The compact band saw comes with an extra stable parallel stop with double-sided clamping, achieving exact longitudinal cuts with absolute precision.

The band saws from Einhell offer many functions that can make your life easier when working around the home. You can find out which accessories are particularly practical and which equipment is really worth adding here. Einhell band saw guide

What to look out for when purchasing a band saw

The different band saw models vary in price, equipment and power. In the following we show you what to look out for when purchasing your wood band saw.

Precise and clean sawing

Depending on the variety of wood, it is helpful to be able to adjusted the saw band speed to work in a way appropriate for the material. If you set the right cutting speed with a variable speed control, as with the Einhell band saw TC-SB 305 U, you avoid chipping the saw teeth and can protect the saw blade. So that your workplace is always clean, all Einhell band saws are fitted with a suction adapter to connect vacuum devices.

Stable saw band and simple changing

The ball bearing saw blade guide reduces the vibrations of the saw blade. This means that the saw works very reliably and guarantees a fine cutting pattern. With the height-adjustable saw blade guard, you can control the clearance height yourself and work in the right way for the material. The Einhell band saws TC-SB 200/1 and TC-SB 245 L are also designed so that you can simply change the saw band without any additional tools.

Practical accessories

To work properly with a band saw you need the right accessories. A parallel stop enables you to make precise and straight cuts and a ball bearing guide makes precise sawing work possible. Our band saws for large and medium-sized workpieces are also supplied with a steplessly and easily adjustable angle stop – all at an attractive price.