Further cleaning tools

Lightning-bright and flawless – clean through everyday life!

Like to keep things clean at home – not only in your living rooms, but also in the workshop, garage and your driveway? In addition to our extensive range of high-pressure cleaners, wet/dry vacuum cleaners and surface and joint cleaners, we have even more practical cleaning equipment in store! With the cordless push sweeper, for example, you can clean your driveway and terrace in no time at all and put your trusty old broom into retirement. The cordless blower blows dirt and dust out from even narrow niches and corners, whether in the workshop or garage. You want to suck up dirt? Then our cordless vacuum cleaner and hand-held vacuum cleaner will suit you! The handy vacuums are perfect for quick use and not only clean your floors in the house, but also the interior of your car. No matter what you want to clean – with our cleaning devices you will be sure to find the right device for your needs!