Leaf Vacuums

If you don't want to drag out the rake, you can easily remove leaves from large areas with a leaf vacuum from Einhell. Especially if you have a lot of land, the mobile devices save a lot of time and effort. In no time at all, paths will be free from wet, slippery leaves. Even smaller branches and grass clippings can be reliably removed by Einhell's powerful electric or cordless leaf vacuum. Discover which model meets your needs and buy a cordless or electric leaf vacuum from Einhell!  

Practical functions from Einhell leaf vacuums

Multi-purpose leaf vacuums

Whether cordless or cabled, our leaf vacuums are real all-rounders as they are vacuumsleaf blowers and shredders all in one. Depending on the device, you can simply switch from the vacuum to the blowing function using the switch lever, or switch the suction and blowing pipes around without any tools required. Thanks to the fan, you can easily remove leaves from hard-to-reach corners and vacuum them up.

Before the leaves reach the collection sack, they are shredded by the integrated shredder. So, you get three devices in on with the leaf vacuum!

Easy to use

Our electric and cordless leaf vacuum models are comfortable to handle. Wheels at the end of the suction pipe ensure that you can transport your powerful helper effortlessly to where you need it. The adjustable carrying strap means you can adjust the leaf vacuum to your body size and work without putting strain on your back. Thanks to the ergonomic handle with softgrip, the practical gardening tool comfortably in the hand, even over longer periods of time.

Some models also have an anti-vibration function, which makes work easier on you when working with this gardening tool.

Individual power setting

Both our electric and cordless leaf vacuums have electronic speed control, allowing you to adjust the suction and blowing power according to your needs. In addition, the speed control allows you to control the power consumption of your cordless vacuum cleaner and regulate the noise level.

For example, a little less suction power is enough for dry leaves, whereas you need full power for wet leaves. There's no obstacle too big for our leaf vacuums from Einhell.

Shredder and collection sack

The integrated shredder function manages to shred both the vacuumed leaves and smaller branches to at least one tenth of their volume.

Depending on the model, the collection sack has between 40 and 50 litres of collection capacity and is also fitted with an inspection window so you can quickly check the fill level. The shredded leaves save space in the practical click-in collection sack and when disposed of, and can also be composted in an environmentally friendly way.

Our electric leaf vacuums and cordless leaf vacuums from the Power X-Change family make your work easier for you and allow you to vacuum up both dry and wet leaves. Find out what functions our devices have in store for you. Einhell leaf vacuum guide

Buying a leaf vacuum: Tips for the right leaf vacuum for you

Cordless or electric leaf vacuums

When purchasing an Einhell leaf vacuum, you can choose between electric and cordless devices, which are more environmentally friendlyquieter and lighter than petrol leaf vacuums. If you don't have a power connection or extension cable available for gardening, we recommend a powerful cordless leaf vacuum from our Power X-Change family. The corresponding lithium-ion battery and charger are available separately at an affordable price. For very large gardens or parks with a power connection, you should choose an electric leaf vacuum to remove large quantities of leaves without having to wait while the battery charges.

Garden size

The bigger your garden, the more leaves you will want to remove and the bigger collection sack capacity you will need. With our leaf vacuum models, you have the choice between 40, 45 and 50 litre collection sack volumes. All of our leaf vacuums shred the collected leaves to at least one tenth of their original volume, saving you from repeatedly having to empty the collection sack. By the way: The larger the diameter of the suction pipe, the more leaves you can suck up at once.

Handy features

Some of our devices have useful functions to help you. For example, a cleaning flap with safety switch makes cleaning your device even easier, as you can effortlessly and safely remove leaves that could clog up your leaf blower. In certain devices the wheels at the end of the suction pipe can be removed or adjusted in height, which is helpful in uneven gardens. If you have limited space to store your leaf vacuum, you can choose a model with a detachable or separable suction pipe.