Tackling dirt with high pressure: Whether it's cleaning cars, motorcycles or bicycles, whether surfaces need to be cleaned, or whether the spring cleaning of garden furniture is on the agenda – with a high-pressure cleaner, all these tasks are easy to carry out. With these powerful devices, you can work both accurately and comprehensively, both gently and powerfully, depending on whether the car needs to be shined up and cleaned or the walkway needs to be freed from weeds. Environmentally friendly, without chemical cleaning agents, you can easily clean a wide variety of surfaces with the high-pressure cleaner with water – and plenty of power.

The different high-pressure cleaners from Einhell

High-pressure cleaners for light dirt

Spring cleaning ahead, and vehicles, bikes, and other surfaces need cleaning? Then a compact high-pressure cleaner with up to 130 bar pressure is sufficient. In this case, our Einhell high-pressure cleaners TC-HP 90 and TC-HP 130 are your devices of choice. The lightweight, easily transportable cleaners quickly remove light dirt. An integrated water filter in the water inlet connection ensures clean results and the longevity of the device. Depending on the model, various accessories such as a rotating nozzle, pistol, pressure hose, lance, rotating nozzle, point and flat jet nozzle, washing brush, and detergent tank are included. All Einhell high-pressure cleaners come standard with a lance and a point-and-flat jet nozzle. Additional accessories can be easily connected to the modular Quick-Coupling System. Extra accessories are available separately.

High-pressure cleaner for heavy soiling

Removing stubborn dirt gently can be a real challenge. With powerful high-pressure cleaners from Einhell, you can test whether you can tackle the task with just water and high pressure up to 170 bar or if you want to use the integrated detergent tank. Depending on the model, the cleaners are equipped with powerful motors with a minimum of 2,300 watts. With a telescopic handle and integrated wheels, you can easily transport the device, and the hose reel ensures compact storage in no time. The accessory holder also provides versatile storage for various nozzles that are always within reach. Our Einhell high-pressure cleaners TE-HP 140 and TE-HP 170 both come with a surface cleaner or patio cleaner, making cleaning large areas a breeze!

With Einhell high-pressure cleaners, you effortlessly combat every kind of dirt. Discover here the features that assist you in your cleaning tasks. Einhell high-pressure cleaner guide

What to look out for when purchasing a high-pressure cleaner

Our high-pressure cleaners differ not only in pressure, motor power, and flow rate but also in other aspects. To make your decision for a model easier, we explain below what you should consider when making a purchase because the right accessories often determine which device is best suited to your requirements.

Power and performance

The power and performance of a high- or medium-pressure cleaner depend on several factors. Motor power is a crucial factor, with our cleaners ranging from 1,200 to 2,300 watts or equipped with an 18 V battery, depending on the model. The robust aluminium pumps ensure durability and highest quality. The delivery pressure influences how forcefully water is pumped through the high-pressure hose, while the flow rate indicates how much water flows through the hose per hour. Depending on the model, our devices achieve pressures between 24 and 170 bar and flow rates between 240 and 440 litres of water per hour. Depending on how extensively you plan to use your high-pressure cleaner, consider the performance of the devices.

Practical accessories

For high-pressure cleaners, there are various nozzles and attachments, each perfect for different applications. A lance, as well as a flat jet and point jet nozzle, are always included in the package of our devices. The high-pressure cleaner accessories can be easily mounted using the Quick-Coupling System. Available separately or already included in the package, depending on the model, are accessories such as turbo nozzle, angle nozzle, telescopic lance with angle nozzle, washing brush, horizontal washing brush, rotating washing brush, detergent tank, patio cleaner with and without tank, and pipe cleaning hose. Additionally, our Einhell Expert high-pressure cleaners come equipped with an integrated detergent tank.

Optimal mobility

For mobile use, our corded cleaners come with wheels and a transport handle, allowing you to easily move the powerful devices from point A to B. For neat storage, a cable and hose holder, or model-dependent, a hose reel is integrated to keep the hose and power cable organized. The length of the pressure hose and power cable is crucial for optimal mobility in cleaning dirty surfaces. While the cable is 5 meters long in all corded high-pressure cleaners, the hose length varies between 3 and 10 meters. Our battery-powered model operates independently of any power cable, is extremely lightweight, and is ideal for versatile use.