Want to give your vehicle a professional-looking makeover? Then a polishing machine from Einhell is just what you need! After treatment, the paintwork on cars, motorcycles and boats looks gleaming and well cared for. With the polishing and grinding machines, you can give your vehicle a full beauty treatment. Depending on the model, you can not only touch up the polish, but also do simple sanding work on wood, metal and plastic surfaces with the powerful electric or cordless polishing and sanding machines.

The different polishing machines from Einhell

Electric and cordless polishing machines

Just need to polish away a few scratches or give the old car a new shine? Depending on the vehicle and the size of the painted surface, it may be worth using a cordless polisher or a device with cable connection. If you want to move freely around your vehicle without a tangle of cables, or complete quick polishing and sanding jobs, the powerful Power X-Change cordless polishing machines are perfect for you. If time-consuming polishing and grinding work is on your to-do list, you can also reach for the corded machine, which allows you to work for longer periods without taking a break and having to charge the batteries.

Car polishing machines

If you are looking for a polishing machine that will polish your car like a professional, you should opt for a special car polishing machine. With the Einhell CE-CB 18/254 Li-Solo cordless car polishing machine, you can give even large painted surfaces of carsmotorbikes and boats a new shine in no time thanks to the large polishing pad (254 mm diameter) and a switch with lock function. Thanks to the powerful Power X-Change lithium-ion battery, you can work cordlessly, and with the accessories included in delivery you can polish cleanly and thoroughly. The right battery and charger are available separately as a starter set.

Polishing and grinding machines

If you not only want to polish, but also grind, you should take a closer look at the polishing and grinding machines from Einhell. The practical 2-in-1 tools are available as cordless and corded versions. In addition to the foam attachment and the polishing bonnet, sandpapers in various grain sizes are also included in delivery. This means you can not only polish painted and varnished surfaces, but also sand small surfaces made of wood, metal and plastic. Two functions in one machine – practical and money-saving!

Whether you're looking for a cordless polishing machine or a corded or cordless polisher and grinding machine – at Einhell you'll find the right tool for your needs. You can discover the advantages of our polishers here. Einhell polishing machine guide

What to look out for when purchasing a polishing machine

Still not sure which device is right for your project? We explain what you should look out for when purchasing a polisher and what features our polishers offer you.

Power and handling

To ensure that you can polish or grind any surface to suit the material and achieve perfect results, you should look for a high speed with integrated speed control when choosing your polishing machine. We also offer polishing machines with different polishing pad sizes. The larger the diameter of the polishing pad, the faster even large surfaces will shine like they're freshly painted again. The handy and robust machines are also very light so that you can work comfortably with our polishers.

Simple polishing pad and attachment changing

With the Einhell grinding and polishing machines, depending on whether you want to grind or polish, you can easily remove the polishing pad without tools thanks to the spindle lock. Any commercially available polishing pad with an M14 thread can be mounted on the units. Thanks to hook and loop fastening for the grinding and polishing accessories, you can also quickly and easily change the different attachments. At the same time, the attachments also fasten securely to the polishing plate during polishing work thanks to the hook and loop fastener.

Different attachments included in delivery

Along with our polishing machines, you also get a comprehensive accessories set included in delivery – and at an attractive price. The car polishing machines come with a foam attachment for applying polish, and a synthetic polishing bonnet. The sanding and polishing machines are supplied with a textile polishing bonnet for distributing the polish, a synthetic bonnet for polishing, and a selection of sandpapers with different grain sizes (K60, K80, K120).