Precise drilling with the bench drill

A stationary drill that's an essential for any workshop is the bench drill. It allows precise and pin-point drilling to be carried out in different materials, such as wood, plastic or metal. The drilling spindle is guided with the inserted drill bit and with the aid of the rotating handle downward into the workpiece fastened on the drilling table. This makes the drill press perfect for DIY furniture construction; for example, for drilling holes for screw or dowel connections. Fast drilling in series is also no problem for the powerful bench drills thanks to the adjustable drilling depth.

Bench drills from Einhell

Expert machines

Experienced DIYers know that speed is a crucial factor for clean drilling results. In order to create precise drill holes, you should always make sure to adjust the speed to the drill bit used and the respective material into which the drill bit is drilled. With our Expert bench drills, which are calles TE-BD, the stepless speed can be easily adjusted during operation using a side lever. For better control, an LCD display is installed, which always displays the current speed.

Entry-level machines

Want to expand your home workshop with a pillar drill, but don't want to invest in the more expensive model? Then our TC-BD bench drills are the right option for you! They have a step-by-step speed regulation which is determined by the conversion of the V-belt when the motor is switched off. For correct speed adjustment, an overview of the V-belt assembly is attached directly to the unit. Once matched to the material and drill bit, you can perform precise and clean drilling with the stationary drill.

Our bench drills are powerful floor standing machines that are an essential in your workshop. Find out why this is and what you should look out for when buying a stationary drilling machine here. Einhell bench drill guide

How the Einhell bench drills stand out

No matter whether they are called a pillar drill, bench drill, stationary drill or drill press – these stationary drills for your home workshop are characterised by some important features. We have summarised for you which these are and which criteria you should pay special attention to when choosing your new stationary drill.

Drilling spindle

Among other things, the ball-bearing drill spindle ensures precise results. It not only ensures a durable, but also easy operation of the pillar drill. Depending on the model, the drill chuck is suitable for all common drills with diameters between 1 and 16 mm. In addition, most Einhell bench drill models are equipped with an MK2 mount for the use of Morse cone drills or MK2 drills.

Precise drill holes

The central element of the stationary drill is the work table attached to the column, on which the workpiece to be drilled is placed. With all our stationary drilling machines, the drilling table is height-adjustable, tiltable and rotatable. Individual models even have a drilling table widening, through which even larger workpieces can be machined. How deep into the material is to be drilled can be determined by depth adjustment and drilling depth display.

Safety features

Safety first! Depending on the drill used, larger or smaller chips are produced during drilling. Especially with metal, these chips can quickly become dangerous. The foldable and height-adjustable chip protection is intended to prevent injuries caused by chips flying around. The on/off switch with zero voltage release also ensures safety, which prevents the machine from restarting uncontrollably after a power failure or a power interruption.