Thanks to their slim design in combination with large immersion depths and discharge heads, deep well pumps are highly effective even in narrow, deep spaces! These powerful and efficient deep well pumps are submersible pumps that enable you to pump water from deep wells, reservoirs and boreholes. This means you can use these sleek pumps to water your garden or efficiently supply your washing machine or flush your toilet with water from sources deep below ground!

The Einhell deep well pump range

Whether rainwater from deep reservoirs or water from wells and cisterns: its slim design means the deep well pump can even fit into narrow shafts and pipes. This means you can easily move water to the surface from depths of up to 65 meters with high power and maximum pressure, and use it freely according to your needs. Our range offers you the choice between cordless and mains-powered well pumps. Find out about the major differences between these versions here.

Deep well pumps with automatic operation

If there is an “A” in the designation, such as with the GE-DW 1155 N-A deep well pump, it indicates that this model includes a pressure switch and is capable of automatic operation. This means that although the pump is permanently connected to power, it only turns on when needed. The pressure builds up inside the pump and is maintained as long as no water is drawn off. If you then open a tap, for example, the pressure inside the pump will drop. As soon as the pressure drops below 3 bar, the pump will start working and convey water from the reservoir. This means you not only use the collected water efficiently, but also save another precious resource, i.e. energy. By the way, our automatic deep well pumps are also equipped with a dry-running safety mechanism to protect the pump.

Deep well pumps in continuous operation

All deep well pumps not equipped with automatic operation are always running when they are connected to power. This means that if you want to water your garden with water from the well, for example, you first have to plug it in at the mains – or switch on the pump at the external control box, depending on the model. When you don't need any more water, you can disconnect the pump from the power supply. Apart from automatic operation and the protection against dry-running, the deep well pumps are generally quite similar. All Einhell well pump models are long and slim, have a stainless-steel pump housing for long-term use immersed in water, and can work at maximum immersion depths of up to 20 meters.


Powerful, dependable and rustproof! Find out about all the features of Einhell well pumps now. Einhell deep well pumps guide

Things to look out for when buying a deep well pump

A wide variety of deep well pumps are available: when selecting one, there are certain important factors you should consider, such as the maximum discharge head and the maximum flow rate, to ensure the pump meets your needs and delivers the required performance. In the following, we will explain what else to look out for when purchasing your well pump.

Powerful pumps

Einhell deep well pumps are equipped with a multi-stage pump mechanism, with 6, 8 or 10 stages depending on the model. This pump drive allows the slim pump to convey water at high pressure from large depths of up to 65 meters. The pumps can be submerged up to 20 meters using the 22-meter-long lowering cable. Last but not least, the high input power of up to 1300 watts ensures flow rates between 5,000 and 6,500 litres per hour. Note, however, that the actual flow rate decreases as the discharge height increases. So, choose a pump that is up to the task in your garden!


In order to enjoy your well pump for a long time, durability is another important aspect that you should take into account. The housings of Einhell deep well pumps are made of robust stainless steel and protects against damage. Because well pumps work at great depths, they should also be able to tolerate sand. The Einhell models feature a dirt sieve, also made of stainless steel, which filters sand and dirt directly during suction. This means that only clean, filtered water passes through the pump mechanism, which avoids damage to the inside of the pump. Thanks to the integrated non-return valve and overload protection, these pumps can even be used effectively at high pressures without risking damage.

The right dimensions

Long and slim with a maximum diameter of 10.2 cm, these deep well pumps also fit into narrow tubes. Thanks to a rugged housing made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, they also withstand impacts with the internal walls of the shaft, and are not susceptible to rusting despite being continuously immersed in water. Depending on where you want to use the pump, e g. in a well, cistern, rain collector or rainwater tank, you should make sure that it fits inside the water reservoir (diameter and length) and that it can pump the water from the desired depth over the necessary height and with the required flow rate.