The robust clear water submersible pumps from Einhell are the ideal helpers when it comes to the thorough drainage of pools, rain barrels, wells and – in an emergency – flooded basements. Our clear water submersible pumps can be placed even in hard-to-reach areas and are easy to transport thanks to the carrying handle. Depending on the model, the pump starts and stops automatically at certain water levels thanks to the aqua sensor or float switch and absorbs clear water until almost dry. Whether you want to empty your pool, use the rainwater from your rain barrel or cistern for garden watering or eliminate water damage in your basement or bathroom – with us you will find the right submersible pump because you have the choice between cordless clear water pumps, clear water submersible pumps, rain barrel pumps and submersible pressure pumps.

The different clear water submersible pumps from Einhell

Cordless clear water pumps

Want to clean your pool or just remove water? Then a submersible pump is the device for you. With our cordless clear water pumps, you don't need to rely on a power connection. Powered by a Power X-Change battery, which can also be combined with all other devices in the Power X-Change family, the cordless pump is not only powerful, it is also quiet, very light and low-maintenance. Depending on the model, our cordless clear water pumps deliver a maximum flow rate of 5,000 litres per hour and are therefore perfect for dewatering and pumping smaller quantities of water. With the help of a power level switch, you can easily switch the pump on and off or switch it into continuous operation with the flat suction up to a residual water level of 1 mm.

Clear water submersible pumps

The submersible pump is the classic solution for emptying pools, wells or rain barrels. You always have to distinguish whether you want to pump clear or waste water. For clear, clean water, it is best to use the clear water submersible pump. In our range, we have various models that vary depending on the flow rate, pressure, delivery height and immersion depth. If you want as little residual water as possible, you can use the low-level suction pump. You can also choose between pumps with an aqua sensor, integrated float switch or external floating switch.

Rain barrel pumps

Our rain barrel pumps are available both as a cordless model and with an electrical power connection. These pumps are particularly suitable for pumping rainwater from rain barrels and cisterns and can also be connected to water sprinklers with a pressure of up to 2 bar for uniform garden watering. Incidentally, our cordless rain barrel pump can also be used as a cordless submersible pump by simply unscrewing the flexible gooseneck. Depending on the model, the rain barrel pumps can dip a maximum of 7 metres deep and pump up to 5,500 litres per hour over a maximum delivery height of 20 metres.

Submersible pressure pumps

When it comes to high delivery pressure, our submersible pressure pumps are the right choice for you. These pumps are ideal for garden watering and, if the model has an automatic function, also for the supply of domestic water. With the automatic function, the pump is automatically activated when water is removed and switched off again after completion. The multi-stage running gear system of the submersible pressure pumps ensures the necessary pressure and sufficient delivery quantity. However, for applications that require even more power and for immersion depths of up to 20 metres, you should take a look at our slim but powerful deep well pumps!

Our clear water submersible pumps, rain barrel pumps and submersible pressure pumps offer many practical functions. Here you can find out what these features are and what you should base your decision on when making a purchase. Einhell clear water submersible pumps guide

What to look out for when purchasing a clear water submersible pump

Cordless clear water pump, clear water submersible pump, rain barrel pump or submersible pressure pump – depending on where and what you want to use your pump for, the functions and features differ. We have summarised what you should pay attention to and how the pumps differ for you.

What is the submersible pump used for?

Want to empty your pool and make it winter-proof? Then a cordless clear water pump or a clear water submersible pump will usually be sufficient because they can be immersed up to 4 metres deep – depending on the model even up to 7 metres deep – and create a high flow rate. The delivery pressure is a decisive factor when it comes to how you want to use the water. For example, to supply a water sprinkler with water, you need a higher pressure of about 2 bar. Our rain barrel pumps and submersible pressure pumps are perfectly suited for this. The starting height, i.e. the minimum water level at which the pump can work, and how far your submersible pump should drain are also important factors when making a purchase. The least residual water remains with pumps that are suction-extracting.

Practical functions

There are a number of different operating modes for automatic operation of the submersible pumps. For example, various intake starting heights and a water level for automatic shutdown can be individually adjusted with a practical rotary switch using an aqua sensor. Other models are equipped with an integrated or external float switch, which can also be used to determine variable suction heights for automatic switching on and off. A continuous operation mode may also be useful because it ensures continuous suction with simultaneous monitoring.

Quality and practical features

In order to enjoy your submersible pump for a long time, you should pay attention to a stable pump and motor housing, which is made of impact-resistant plastic for some of our models, and of robust stainless steel for others. A non-return valve prevents the water from flowing back into the hose after the pump is switched off. In order to easily transport and store the pump, for example, an integrated carrying handle or a cable winding are very useful. The submersible pump is tidied up in a space-saving and clean manner with a hanging loop, a fastening hook or a wall fastening.

Important safety features

Especially if submersible pumps run for a long time, certain safety features are absolutely essential to prevent damage to the device. All our pumps have thermal overload protection, which, as the name suggests, prevents damage in the event of the pump overheating. The high-quality and resistant mechanical seals also contribute significantly to the long service life of our submersible pumps. Certain models are also equipped with a dry-running safety device. This protects the pump from damage if the water supply is interrupted.