Paint, mortar, concrete, adhesive and plaster – with the paint and mortar stirrers from Einhell, liquid and powdered building materials can be mixed together in no time. Mixing viscous materials by hand is not only time-consuming and strenuous, but also tiring. An electric stirrer makes the work much easier and saves a lot of time. Equipped with a whisk-like attachment and a highly efficient electric or rechargeable battery drive, the stirrer helps you to create the perfect mixture for your project. Find the right paint and mortar stirrer from Einhell for your construction site now!

Overview of the different stirrers

Cordless paint mortar stirrers

Don't have a power socket nearby, or an extension cable to hand, but still need to mix several buckets of mortar? Then you should go for the cordless paint and mortar stirrer! No matter where, no matter when, with the cordless stirrer you will be well equipped for any application.

As a member of the Power X-Change family, you can also use the powerful lithium-ion battery in all other units in the PXC family. Delivery does not include a battery or charger – these can be purchased separately for a reasonable price.

Electric paint and mortar stirrer

If you want to mix large quantities of mortar, paint or tile adhesive, an electric paint and mortar stirrer is what you need. With the powerful whisk with up to 1,600 watts, you can stir even viscous media effortlessly. This makes the mortar stirrer a great helper on the construction site and you won't want to be without it.

Depending on your requirements, the cable-connected stirrers are available in different power ratings and with different torques and stirring speeds.


One-speed or two-speed transmission

Einhell's low-maintenance stirrer are available both as compact 1-speed machines and as powerful 2-speed stirrer machines. You should choose the right model for your project based on how much power you need and how viscous the building materials are.

For example, if you only want to mix special wall paints, a 1-speed stirrer will be perfectly adequate. But if you want to mix screed or concrete, for example, it is better to use a 2-speed mortar stirrer.

Solo or twin paint and mortar stirrer

For particularly viscous media, you need a stirrer with a lot of power. In these cases, a twin paint and mortar stirrer, which works with a slightly different mixing technique, is reccomended. With the twin stirrer, two stirrers work in opposite directions and mix even thick building materials and viscous liquids quickly and effortlessly.

However, if you mainly need to stir thinner media, a solo paint and mortar stirrer will be sufficient for your projects.


Our paint and mortar stirrers offer many practical functions that make your work with mortar, paint, concrete and other building materials easier. Here you can find out what special functions our stirrers have in store for you. Einhell stirrers guide

Practical functions from Einhell stirrers

Dynamic speed regulation and softstart

Depending on the building materials you are working with, you will need different stirring speeds. For example, if you want to mix paint, you will benefit from the stirrers' softstart function. By speeding up the paint stirrer gradually, you avoid paint splashes and swirls. The softstart also protects both your wrists and the tool from jerky movements.

The dynamic speed control allows you to individually regulate the power of the mortar stirrer.

Easy to use

On construction sites or for extensive DIY projects, it is important that the tool is comfortable to use. That's why our mortar stirrers are ergonomically shaped and, thanks to the softgrip, comfortable and safe to use. The switch lock function also ensures comfortable use of the stirrer, even over longer periods of time.

Simple stirrer changing

Some of our stirrers are equipped with a hex stirrer mount, but most are equipped with an M14 thread. This allows you to use all commercially available spiral, paint or mortar stirrers, which usually fit an M14 thread. The corresponding spanner for easy changing of the different stirrers is included in the delivery.