Is your garden blooming and splendid, but your paving stones and grouting are still dirty? With a battery-powered or electric grout cleaner from Einhell, you can simplify your cleaning! Forget old toothbrushes aggressive chemicals, and tedious bending with a grouting scraper, as Einhell grout cleaners work with the highest mechanical cleaning performance – environmentally conscious and kind to your back. A surface cleaner helps you to give surfaces such as wood, tiles or paving a fresh shine again. With our PICOBELLA surface brush you can remove even coarse dirt in no time thanks to the cordless, powerful Power X-Change systems. This way, the yard and patio are cleaned in no time and ready for the summer months – with no effort at all!

The range of different surface and grout cleaners from Einhell

Cordless surface brush

Want to clean your patio or driveway with a surface cleaner? Our cordless Picobella surface brush is the device you need! Available with three brushes for different surfaces, such as wood, WPC, smooth or rough, unsealed sealed stone surfaces, means you can easily remove any dirt. The integrated connection for garden hoses also allows you to clean gently with water and the side brush allows you to clean corners and edges. You can also use the surface brush to freshen up your artificial grass. This makes the surface cleaner a real all-rounder!

Cordless grout cleaner

Enjoy freedom with the Einhell cordless grout cleaner GE-CC 18 Li-Solo, which is delivered without a battery or charger. The cordless grout cleaner is also available as a practical kit with a 2.0 Ah Power X-Change battery and charger. Without tripping over cables, you can move around untethered in an infinitely large radius of action with the cordless grout cleaner and effectively remove weeds and dirt from grouting between paving stones or slabs thanks to its high performance. Ideally, grouting crevices are between 10 mm and 15 mm wide.

Electric grout cleaner

All kitted out with an extension cord and the necessary power connection and want to clean a large paved area? To work for several hours at a time without battery charging time or a spare battery, the electric grout cleaner GC-EG 1410 is for you. The integrated cable strain relief protects the power cable and the 2-point safety switch additionally ensures safe use.

With our grout brushes and surface cleaners, you can quickly and comfortably clean your patio, yard or pathway. You can find out what special functions our models have in store for you. Einhell grout and surface cleaner guide

What to look out for when purchasing a surface or grout cleaner

What makes a good battery-powered or electric grout cleaner, what features does the cordless surface brush offer you, and what should you look out for when purchasing your device? You can find out here what advantages our surface brushes and grout brushes offer you.

Power and weight

With speeds of 800 to 1,400 rpm, the Picobella surface brush is certainly powerful. You can continuously adjust the speed of the brush roller to the surface to be cleaned using the control dial. Whether cleaning gently or removing dirt powerfully – the rotating brush of the surface cleaner is equipped for every application. With a speed of over 1,200 rpm, our joint cleaners also remove particularly stubborn dirt and weeds from grouting crevices quickly and powerfully. The weight of device also plays a large role. The lighter the device, the comfortably you can work.

High-quality brushes

Depending on the surface you want to clean, you will need the appropriate brush for your surface or grout cleaner. The surface brush with the SOFT, MEDIUM and ULTRA brushes is suitable for various surfaces such as WPC, BPC and wood, as well as smooth and rough, unsealed stone. With the side brush integrated in the MEDIUM brush, corners and edges can also be cleaned optimally. Our grout cleaners are each supplied with a steel brush for robust, insensitive surfaces such as paving stones or concrete slabs and a nylon brush for more sensitive floors. The high-quality brushes, which also clean wider crevices quickly and persistently, can be replaced easily and without tools.


To ensure that you can work as comfortably as possible, the GE-CC 18 Li cordless grout cleaner and the Picobella surface brush are equipped with an adjustable additional handleSoftgrip surfaces ensure a secure and firm hold and, thanks to a telescopic guide bar, you can adjust your tool perfectly to your body size so that you can also carry out longer cleaning jobs ergonomically and with less strain on your back. The grout cleaners can be easily and precisely guided over grouting crevices by an integrated guide wheel.

Protective functions

The safety features of the devices are also important when it comes to making a purchase decision. Both the grout cleaner and the surface brush protect you from dirt and dust with a protective cover or splash guard. With electric, cable-connected devices such as the electric grout cleaner GC-EG 1410, you should consider a cable strain relief to protect the supply cable.