Dirt Water Pump

GE-DP 900 Cut

Item no.: 4181550 EAN: 4006825660852
  • Convenient transport with the ergonomic carrying handle
  • Infinitely height-adjustable float switch
  • Double mechanical seal for long service life
  • Housing made of die-cast aluminium and cast iron for high loads
  • Cutting mechanism system for shredding solid material
  • 2" hose connection suitable for large hose diameters
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Article description

The Einhell waste water pump GE-DP 900 Cut with 900 W power and a maximum flow rate of 16,000 litres per hour is ideally suited for pumping out water with a larger proportion of foreign bodies. The pumps are specially designed for use in heavily contaminated water, for example for pumping waste water from basements or excavations caused by rain, groundwater or flooding. For this purpose, the waste water pump has a cutting mechanism system for shredding solid material and a 2" hose connection suitable for large hose diameters. A waste water pump is also indispensable when cleaning the pool or the garden pond. Especially in natural biotopes such as the garden pond, substances are deposited over time that not only look unattractive, but also pose a real danger to plants and fish. Likewise, cisterns and wells, as well as large water butts and tanks can be emptied with a submersible pump and then cleaned. The housing made of die-cast aluminium and cast iron withstands even high stresses. The double mechanical seal ensures a long service life. For flexible use and convenient transport to the place of use, the pump is equipped with an ergonomic carrying handle. The float switch is infinitely height-adjustable.

Technical details

Max. delivery height11.5 m
Max. delivery pressure1.15 bar
Max. delivery rate16000 l/h
Max. foreign body size35 mm
Max. immersion depth7 m
Max. water temperature35 °C
Min. water level pump start230 mm
Power900 W
Power cable length10 m
Pressure connection type59,6mm (2" IG)
Shallow suction up to75 mm

Strong cutting mechanism

The pump is equipped with a practical cutting mechanism system that shreds solid material and coarse dirt.


Simple transport

Thanks to the easily accessible carrying handle on the top of the housing, the waste water pump is easy to transport.


Stepless float switch

The infinitely adjustable float switch automatically switches the pump on and off at a previously set water level.


Robust housing

The pump housing is made of robust die-cast aluminium and cast iron. The 2" hose connection is attached to the side of the pump.

Robust waste water pumpPowerful pump for demanding tasks

The Einhell waste water pump GE-DP 900 Cut is an all-rounder for drainage around the home and garden. The powerful 900 W motor provides enough power to pump up to 16,000 litres water per hour over a delivery height of up to 11.5 metres.

What type of pump is it?

The waste water pump GE-DP 900 Cut is a submersible motor pump that is either completely or partially submersed in the water.

What is the waste water pump suitable for?

For drainage (e.g. pools, basement rooms), extraction and transport of waste water.

Can the pump be used for garden watering?

No – only to a limited extent as the delivery pressure is not sufficient for lawn sprinklers.

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