Cordless Clear Water Pump

GE-SP 18 Li - Solo

Item no.: 4181500 EAN: 4006825651379
  • Member of the Power X-Change family; 1x18 V batteries required
  • Flexible battery box with integrated cable storage
  • Long cable connection for deeper immersion
  • High flow rate thanks to the powerful motor
  • High-quality pump housing made of impact-resistant plastic
  • Easily accessible hose connection on the top of the pump
  • Comes without battery or charger (sold separately)
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Article description

The Einhell cordless clean-water pump GE-SP 18 Li-Solo is a powerful member of the high-quality lithium-ion battery-based Power X-Change family. This pump is perfectly suited for the garden, leisure, camping, and anywhere where water needs to be pumped without mains power available. The long cable connection to the battery box allows a greater depth of immersion: Water can be pumped or recirculated independently of the mains power grid - flexible in application and powerful in operation. The powerful motor can pump up to 5,000 litres of clean water per hour. The separate and splash-proof battery box with hook and wall bracket also offers an option to store the cable on the housing for ease of use. The innovative battery box, as well as the high-quality pump body, which features an easily accessible hose connection at the top of the pump, are both made of impact-resistant plastic. One 18-volt Power X-Change battery, which is not included in the set, is required for operation. The battery and charger are available separately, for example in a convenient starter set.

Technical details

Connection cable length5 m
Max. delivery height8 m
Max. delivery pressure0.8 bar
Max. delivery rate5000 l/h
Max. foreign body size0 mm
Max. immersion depth4 m
Max. water temperature35 °C
Motor voltage18 V
Number of batteries included in delivery0 pcs
Number of chargers included in delivery0 pcs
Number of impellers1 pcs
Power90 W
Pressure connection type33,3 mm (G1 AG)
Product weight2.37 Kg

Separate battery box

The separate battery box with carrying handle and wall bracket mean the Power X-Change battery is well protected and the pump can be used flexibly.


Neatly stowed away

The integrated cable rewinding mechanism on the battery box housing means the 5-metre long connecting cable can be stored easily and neatly.


Accessible hose connection

The hose connector is easily accessible at the top of the pump, ensuring a hose can be connected simply and conveniently.


Well protected

The high-quality pump body and separate battery box are made of durable and impact-resistant plastic.

Flexible use without power socketsSimple battery-powered pumping

Thanks to Power X-Change, the Einhell clean-water pump GE-SP 18 Li Solo is ready for use anytime, anywhere. The powerful clean-water pump delivers up to 5,000 litres of clean water per hour from a maximum immersion depth of 4 metres - without needing a connection to the electricity grid.

What type of pump is it?

The cordless clean-water pump GE-SP 18 Li - Solo is a submersible motor pump that can be used either completely or partially immersed in the water.

What applications is the cordless clean-water pump suitable for?

For drainage (e.g. pools, basement rooms), extraction and transfer of clean water.

Can a clean­water pump also move waste water?

No. A clean-water pump can only handle very small particles of dirt.

Can the pump be used for garden watering?

No. The clean-water pump is only suitable for garden watering to a limited extent as the delivery pressure is not sufficient for lawn sprinklers.

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